Manchester’s Las Vegas Style Super casino plans have encountered yet another setback as the House of Lords voted against the proposed gambling site in the UK.

Since being chosen unexpectedly as the first ever super casino site in the UK, the city of Manchester was ready and looking forward to developing the Las Vegas style casino. Earlier this year, having defeated rival bidders Blackpool and the Dome in London, the Northern town of Manchester appeared to have a brighter future with the super casino in their sights. The super casino of Manchester generated considerable external interest amongst casino groups and had the potential to provide thousands of new jobs and a new income that would help renovate the area.

Under the leadership of Tony Blair the 2005 Gambling Act had originally paved the way for several super casinos alongside several smaller casinos within the UK. However, last summer under the rule of Prime Minister Gordon Brown, the plans for the super casinos began to receive setback after setback. The 2005 Gambling Act was revised allowing only one super casino along with eight small casinos and eight larger casinos. Originally backed by a majority of 24, the development of the super casino in Manchester was put on hold as anti-gambling campaigners took hold and the Lords vote led to a stall in the proceedings. Since February, Manchester as well as many onlookers have waited with baited breath to see if they will at last receive their super casino gambling license.

Having been described as a sensitive situation requiring further consideration, the Government has delayed further announcements on the super casino plans. During his budget speech in March, Gordon Brown spoke of considerable tax increases on Britain’s casinos which in turn has caused many companies to re-evaluate the economical gains and interest of bidding for a super casino license. Only last Wednesday discussions were held regarding legislation laws necessary for the 2005 Gambling Act to be implemented and announcements were made that the casino plans had been defeated by the Parliament’s upper chamber by a vote of 123-120. While the discrepancy of just three votes will have left the people of Manchester in outrage, the fact remains that without the backing from both the House of Lords and the House of Commons, the plans need to be redrafted before any progress can take place.

It seems that what has already been a lengthy process will continue to be drawn out even more in the coming months. A more concerning factor however, and one that Cultural Secretary Tessa Jowell is well aware of, is the possibility that a decision may not be made by May in which Britain could find itself with a new Government who is overtly against developments within the gambling industry. To avoid such a possibility, a decision would need to be reached much sooner rather than later.

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