Japan May Be Next To Legalize Online Casinos

Internet casinos online have jumped in popularity over the past few years. As the industry grows, so does the amount of countries that are legalizing the popular pastime. The latest country to legalize online gambling was the United Kingdom, and now it looks like Japan will be the next.

Specifically in Asian countries, internet casinos online have become increasingly popular. However, many policies towards the online gaming industry are radically different between the many Asian countries. The Chinese government, much like the United States government, is absolutely committed to extinguishing the flames of online gambling.

But in Japan things are looking up for the online gambling industry. Recent campaigns to legalize land based and online casinos are underway, and are supported by the country’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party. This possible change in in Japanese policy is likely to spread across other Asian countries.

The Japanese subcommittee, a part of the committee on tourism, has recommended that the legalization of online casino gambling would boost the countries economy. Taxation alone is an area that has attracted the government’s attention, and will be focused upon heavily in the subcommittee’s appeal. The committee will also need a full interpretation of gambling, in order to cover both gambling online and in live casinos.

Soon, the committee will hold discussions with several government departments, focusing directly on the the future of online gambling in Japan. Gambling operators may possibly be involved in later discussions.

As always, some social action groups in Japan are rallying against the legalization of gambling. Some groups are concerned about the influx of internet casino online, fearing that online gambling could have a negative influence on the nations young.

Widespread protests from charitable organizations and gambling awareness groups have sprung up across the nation. The Japanese government has responded to the protest by reassuring protesters that the decision is not yet finalized, and that their opinions will be taken into account before the future of the Japanese online gambling industry is decided.

UK Experiencing Internet Casino

With new laws that have made gambling in internet casinos legal, the UK is experiencing a booming newfound interest in publications that cater to customers of the internet casinos.

Since the legalization of internet casinos, British adults have been taking to online betting in droves. The marketing researcher Forrester reported to 76% of Britain’s adult internet users has placed a bet, either online or offline. In February of 2005, 3.2 million UK residents visited one of the scores of internet casinos that cater to British residents.

Former Daily Telegraph chief executive Jeremy Deedes is planning a daily newspaper entirely dedicated to internet casinos and other forms of gambling. The paper will be called The Sportsman, but will not by any means be focused only on sports betting, unlike competing magazine the Racing Post. The Sportsman is scheduled to appear in the spring of 2006.

Dennis Publishing, one of the UK’s biggest magazine companies and the publisher of Maxim Magazine, will also be getting in on the internet casinos act, with one gambling magazine already in circulation, and two more magazines in the planning stages.

Richard Downey, who is in charge of Dennis Publishing’s gaming magazines division, said that there is room enough in the booming market for all of the publications, and more.